PrioRITAy Fitness is all about making fitness and good heath a priority! This company was founded to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to get healthy and stay healthy!

Mission Statement

To inspire, motivate, and encourage individuals of all fitness levels to become the very best version of themselves everyday, by making healthier choices about eating and exercising.


  • Honoring the Superstar Status: Every customer is a superstar waiting to be unveiled
  • Providing Comprehensive quality training services: Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle that goes far beyond what happens in the gym. I will ensure you are making the necessity changes outside the gym to make this a true lifestyle by providing you with the latest knowledge and research in the field
  • Ensuring Delicacy: No two people are the same and neither should their fitness programs be. Every program is customized to fit that individual


More about the founder                                                  img_3924

Cherita has a great background in fitness. She became a committed athlete at the age of eight as a cheerleader. She later played tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Cherita was an athlete through high school. Though she did not play any sports at the collegiate level she remained active. In fact, it was because she didn’t play sports in college she decided to study what happens to the body while playing sports or simply moving the body. She declared Kinesiology as her major as a sophomore and later graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree of science in kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; has been featured in two books and has publications.

 Cherita is most passionate about fitness and people. To her, there is no greater joy than sharing the knowledge she has acquired and her passion about leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. She simply loves spreading the health!

She has been featured in the following two books:

  1. Human Kinetics, The Women’s Guide to Triathlon/ USA Triathlon
  2. National Strength and Conditioning Association, Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, 4th edition


Rice LA, Ousley CM, Sosnoff JJ. A systematic review of risk factors associated with accidental falls, outcome measures and interventions to manage fall risk in non-ambulatory adults. Disability and Rehabilitation, 2014



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