Online Programs

Don’t live in the Chicagoland area? No big deal. Customized online training available!

Current challenges are designed to be done in the comforts in your own home.

 7-day Fit booty challenge:

I know there is nothing you want more from your workout than a nice round perky booty! Working the medius, maximus and minimus muscles of the glutes are sure to get you the booty you want!

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21-day challenge;3-week program-7x/week:

Research has proven that anything done consecutively for 21 days becomes a habit. Your challenge is to commit to exercise each day for the next 21 days.

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30-day challenge; 6-week program -5x/week:

Why commit to 21 days when you could do 30?! Go the extra mile with this 30-day challenge. This 30 day challenge keeps you active 5 days out the week for 6 weeks! So because a habit is formed after 21 days of doing that particular activity, over the next 30 days I will challenge you daily to do some form of physical activity.

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Add a meal plan to any of these programs for just $50!

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